Herbal Chemistry

Herbal Chemistry

Patanjali Research Foundation is NABL accredited laboratory and now open for third party testing. The main groups under accreditation are (attached the graphic)


Infrastructure & Technology:

The main focus of Drug Discovery and development division at Patanjali Research Institute is to maintain the essential knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine to produce advanced and Noval products after detailed experimentation.

At Patanjali Research Institute, initiate research with screening of herbal raw material, extraction, isolation and purification of extract by using green solvents. In Patanjali Research Institute we are having advanced technology that delivers world class quality.

The herbal chemistry is having three divisions; Herbal Chemistry Research and Development, Analytical Research and Development and pilot plant with facility of Solvent extraction, Super critical Fluid Extraction, Ayurvedic formulation and development.

Herbal chemistry Capabilities:

Our team is basically involved in developing and optimizing extraction processes to obtain standardized extracts from identified natural sources. Our laboratory is equipped with world class equipments for extraction,distillation and isolation like, Buchi Extraction system B-811, Buchi Rotavapors, Supercritical fluid chromatography, Buchi flash chromatography.

Our lab has been audited and accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for its validated testing protocols. Equipped with State-of-the-art facility to meet international standards.

Our Lab is equipped with world class and highly sophisticated instruments included HPLC, LCMS-MS, GCMS-MS, Camag HPTLC, UV spectrophotometer, FTIR.

LCMS-MS (Waters Xevo G2 QTof): This instrument is equipped with a high resolution, high stability quadruples analyzer. We use this instrument for identification of chemical nature of compound present in herbal extract. This instrument separates each molecule from a given extract. This technology is used in the specific detection and potential identification of chemicals in the presence of other chemicals in a complex mixture. This instrument helps us to standardize all compounds in a given herbal extract.

Herbal chemistry pilot plant:

Our Objective of pilot plant is to try the process on a model of proposed plant before committing large sum of money on a production unit as well as we can examination of the R&D final process to determine its ability to understand batch-scale and process modification. Pilot plant can be useful to evaluation and Validation for process and equipments.

The pilot plant allows investigation of a product and process on an intermediate scale before large amounts of money are committed to full-scale production. It is not possible to design a large scale processing plant from laboratory data alone with any degree of success.

Advanced technology that delivers world class quality is at the heart of all our processes. Patanjali Research Institute (Governed by Patanjali Research Foundation (Trust)) operates state of the art Herbal chemistry pilot plant facility with a range of technologies for extraction, isolation and purification of plant molecules.

Herbal chemistry pilot plant Capabilities:

  •   •   Over 30 Kg per day extraction facility.
  •   •   Over wiping film evaporator with 100 L per hour water evaporation capacity.
  •   •   Reactor-250 L capacity.
  •   •   Phase exchange-liquid liquid extraction facility.
  •   •   Hydro distillation unit -500 L capacity.
  •   •   Pilot sprays Dryer-7 -10 L/Hrs feed rate and Freeze Dryer.
  •   •   Vacuum tray dryer and Conventional heat tray dyer for final extract drying.
  •   •   Filtration Facilities: Nutuch Filter, Centrifuge 14 inch GMP model and Zero hold up filter press.
  •   •   Double Cone blender.

Our pilot plant capacities for Aurveda formulation:
Our Pilot Plant employs the latest ayurvedic formulation equipment, which are validated as per GMP norms.

  •   •   Autocoater SC 12 suitable for coating of pharmaceutical tables.
  •   •   Fluid Bed system.
  •   •   High shear Mixer Granulator
  •   •   OB series octagonal Blenders
  •   •   Vibrosifter 12 inch
  •   •   Multimill
  •   •   Starch Paste Kettle 5ltr with Agitator
  •   •   Mass Mixer 15 Ltr.
  •   •   Colloidal Mill
  •   •   Capsule Filling machine

Supercritical Extraction Facility:

As a leading manufacturer of ayurvedic formulation and FMCG, we always strive to provide our products and extracts only from the best ingredients nature has to offer. In order to bring our customers a wider range of products and open new possibilities in the world of natural ingredients, Patanjali Research Institute (Governed by Patanjali Research Foundation (Trust)) recently set up a new Supercritical Fluid Extraction pilot plant facility to suit the demands for high quality Oleoresins, Essential oils, and Herbal extracts.

Supercritical extraction is clean and completely solvent free. It has the ability to better extract the functional components of the ingredient therefore keeping the essential phytochemicals in the end result. Such method ensures green, environment friendly separation and concentration of active compounds by eliminating solvent residue and high temperature processing.

Our target is for Research and development for extracts, oils and oleoresins by SCFE route. The SCFE extracts are used for standardized botanical extracts and spices extracts for our beverage, dietary supplement, functional food, ayurveda and cosmetic units.