In Vitro Biology Department Work in Drug Discovery and Development Division

In Vitro Biology Department Work in Drug Discovery and Development Division

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine originating from the Indian culture. Ayurveda utilizes the ancient system of naturally derived drugs for the treatment and therapeutics of complex diseases. The main aim of the In vitro Biology Department is to discover and characterize these ancient herbo-mineral formulations using modern scientific techniques. The main purpose for this is to provide the world with scientific evidence regarding their efficacy in healing diseases leading to the betterment of human living standards.

As guiding principal for scientific research, the In Vitro Biology Department follows 3Rs principal of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. We develop, maintain and apply a panel of mammalian cell lines and co-culture models for representing complex human diseases. These in vitro models are utilized in studying the effectiveness of ancient Ayurveda medicines as well as, assessing their health-related side-effects. The diseases covered till now in the Department are auto-immune inflammatory (Arthritis), respiratory, gastro-intestinal tract, cardiac and pancreatic (diabetes) diseases. The effectiveness of the Ayurvedic formulations is validated at the biochemical, molecular and cellular levels using a variety of assays.

In the biochemical analysis, computer simulated molecular docking and panels of wet lab enzymatic assays are utilized. For molecular biology analysis, role of Ayurvedic formulations in curing diseases is studied at the transcriptional (mRNA) and translational (proteomics) levels. At cellular levels, panel of well-established assays are performed for analysing loss of cell viability, oxidative stress, inflammation and genetic damages.

Team In-Vitro Biology

  • Liver Diseases: Sarva Kalpa Kwath, Liv Amrit Tablet
  • Diabetes: Madhukalp and Madhunashini
  • Lung Inflammation: Swasari Ras, Godanti Bhasma
  • Heart diseases: Hridyamrit vati, Yogendra Ras
  • Kidney functions: Vrikk Doshar vati, Amrit vati, Vasant kusumakar ras
  • Enzymology: Lipases, Amylases, Gluconidases‚Ķ now protein kinases!